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                               1851 W. Oakland Boulevard, Oakland Park, FL, 33311
 Phone : (954)739-2526     Fax: (954) 400-5433   E-Mail:


Plumbing Repair and Service:

With our fully equipped vans and experienced service personnel, we solve every kind of plumbing problem. We have most of repair parts and plumbing fixtures stocked in our vans. Service technicians have radio communications with main office. If they need any extra parts they call office and in very short time another person bring the material while technician working on the problem. If they meet any though problem, they call on the radio for consultation and extra technician.


Drain Cleaning:

We carry the best drain cleaning equipment (we call it snake machine) in our vans. There is nothing we can not solve.


Jet Drain Cleaning:

We have the best jet machine in the market. Jet machine cleans inside of the pipes with pressurized water. So, it is kind of pressure cleaner for the inside of the drainpipes. Grease, soap scum, lint, and sludge, sand collected the inside perimeter of pipes are cleaned and drain lines works much better without any backup. Especially apartment complexes, restaurants, commercial kitchens have to jet clean the drain lines every year. All drain lines must have a pitch for the flow of drain water naturally. But because of the settlements under the ground, instead of pitch, some bellies occur at the line. So, drain water stands in the pipe. These locations collect grease. Even if you use very little grease for cooking, because of this drain system problem, line collects the grease, and with any kind of paper, easily system get clogged. Snake machine opens the line again but only pushes the paper or any other material clogging the line. Grease stays in the line, and cause backup again. The only solution is cleaning the line with jet machine. We have the TV camera system, and check the line after jet cleaning.


TV Camera System:

We have the TV camera system. We send a tiny camera to drain line and on the monitor we can inspect the pipe, easily can find any kind of problem.


Transmitter-Receiver System:

We tie a transmitter to snake or camera, and with a receiver get the signals outside, so find the exact location of problem.


Electronic Leak Locator:

Water leaks under the slab or inside the wall will be located with this machine.


Plumbing Fixtures Installation or Replacement:

Water heaters, faucets, sinks, lavatories, garbage disposals, toilets, bath tubs, bides, bidematic, shower faucets, hose bibs, dish washers, vanity cabinets, ice maker lines, instant water heaters, water coolers, bublers, urinals, urinal flush meter valve, vacuum breakers, backflow preventers, water filters, pumps, whirlpools (Jacuzzi), spa, steam generators, trap primers, mop sinks, floor drains, commercial sinks, Stainless Steel work tables, coffee urns, commercial dishwashers.


Shower Pan and Tile.


Gas Piping:


Commercial and Residential gas systems.


Water Main Line Replacement or Repair.


Sewer Line Replacement or Repair.


Under Slab Leak Repair.


Tunneling under the building and replacing drain or water pipe.


Backflow Preventer Installation and Certification.


Boiler installation and repair.


New plumbing system.


Boat plumbing.


Boat Dock sewer pumpout system.


Boat Dock water system.


Drain Field and Septic Tank System Installation.


Bath Tub to Shower Conversion.


Water Filtration System.


Pool Plumbing Repairs.


Sump Pumps.


Spa System. Complete with construction.


Jacuzzi, Whirlpool System, complete with construction work.


Sprinkler System Pump, Solenoid, Check Valve, and Zone Valves.


CALL US NOW: (954)-739-2526

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